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Little River Grill & Sports Bar

Little River Grill & Sports Bar

6979 Bells Ferry Rd

Canton, GA 30114

(770) 345-4444

Hotlanta Meet and Greet

Come celebrate the spring! The weather's great, spring fever has set in, and Corey's been pestering me to get some wild Hotlanta friends together for some fun. So here's what we're going to do. If you're a Hotlanta member in the Atlanta metro area, you're invited to come out this Saturday night to get wild and crazy at the Hotlanta Meet and Greet at the Little River Grill. Feel free to bring your friends, too. The more the merrier!

Here are the details...

Where: On the river at the Little River Grill and Sports Bar just above Woodstock

When: Saturday, April 18th, 8:00 PM

Who's Invited: Anyone that wants to come out to meet fellow party animals and dance the night away!

Entertainment: Live music with 700 South on the Tropical Deck from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. NO COVER CHARGE! 700 South is a great local band that plays a nice mix of classic rock tunes that are great to dance to. Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/700southmusic.

Event Cost: Free! Bring enough money for any food or drinks you may consume, but other then that, there's no charge for the fun.

Drink specials: Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap is only $1.75, and bar brand vodka drinks are only $3.00.

Food: Menu

We're planning to get together at 8:00 PM to eat, drink, and socialize before the band kicks in at 9:00 PM. From then on, it's party time. The Little River Grill has:
  • A fun beach bar look and feel (it's right on the river just above Lake Alltoona)
  • Cheap beer
  • Cheap vodka mixed drinks
  • No cover charge
  • Awesome live music
  • Great food
  • Beautiful sunsets

What more could you ask for on a Saturday night?

It's not required, but if you think you might be coming out, please drop us a quick email at to let us know how many of you there will be. That way we can get some idea of a head count for pulling tables together. When you get there, just ask the hostess to seat you with the other Hotlanta Group members.

If you're one of those last minute decision types (you know who you are), that's ok. Just get off your butt and come see us. And don't forget your friends!

We'll be partying till 1:00 AM in the morning because the weather is way too nice not to come out and play!!

See you there.

John & Corey


Alcohol: Full Bar
Average Drink Price: $4 + Tip
Food: Lunch,Dinner,Snacks
Smoking Allowed: Yes

Reviewer's Comments

Great place down on the river. Beautiful sunsets, great food, live entertainment, and cheap drinks. If you like beach bars, this is a wonderful place to go have some fun.

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