Exploring Erotic Fine Art
When it comes to adult pictures on the Internet, I think we all get a bit tired of the same old porn shots that get shoved at us day in and day out.  Well we decided to find the very best in erotic art.  Granted, these pictures are mostly soft core, but sometimes, it's nice to simply enjoy the esthetics of a really well done nude photograph and other types of erotic art. 

Check out what we were able to find.  You won't be disappointed.

Erotic Photography Book Collections
Nothing But the Girl, ed. by Susie Bright
Over 150 outstanding works of lesbian photography by some of this community's finest photographers. A landmark book.

The Art of Desire: Erotic Treasures from the Kinsey Institute, by the Kinsey Institute
Photographs of items from the Kinsey Institute's vast and international erotic art collection. Fascinating!

I Am My Lover, ed. by Joani Blank
This is a beautiful and intimate collection of photographs of twelve different women masturbating. Seen in light of the fact that (like Betty Dodson) much of Joani Blank's work has been devoted to liberating masturbation, and perhaps appreciated together with her other book of photography Femalia and her book First Person Sexual, it's quite inspiring.

Ars Erotica, by Edward Lucie-Smith
A collection of erotic art and poetry from throughout history.

Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade, by Eric Kroll
A collection of high-quality color fetish photography by Eric Kroll.

Graphis Nudes, ed. by B. Martin Pedersen
A collection of high-quality nude photography, including work from artists such as Ritts, Farber, Mapplethorpe, etc.

Sexual Art: Photographs That Test the Limits, by Michael A. Rosen
A collection of artistic (and "hardcore") BDSM photographs.

Doris Kloster: Photographs, by Doris Kloster
A collection of fetish photography by a respected European artist.

Erotic by Nature, ed. by David Steinberg
An anthology of black and white photographs, stories, and poems. Very pansexual and very lovely.

Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes, by Laurie Edison and Debbie Notkin
A collection of black and white photographs featuring beautiful large women.

Lesbian Sacred Sexuality, by Diane Mariechild and Marcelina Martin
Much of the tantric literature focuses exclusively on male/female couples, conveying a limited stereotype that this book beautifully transcends.

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