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Hear The 'Pokemon' Theme Song Performed As A Soulful Slow Jam
Huffington Post 4/20/2014

Woman Surprised To Find Her Own Stolen Shoes On Sale At The Store
Clumsy Crooks 4/20/2014

Pair Allegedly Swindled $450,000 Meant For Cat
Clumsy Crooks 4/20/2014

Miss America: Don't Suspend Teen Over Prom Invite
AP 4/20/2014

A State-By-State Guide To U.S. Marijuana Laws
Digg 4/20/2014

Guys Doing The Worm Dance In The Mud (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 4/20/2014

$4,260 Burrito? Taco Restaurant Bill Goes Awry
NBC News 4/20/2014

UPI Almanac For Sunday, April 20, 2014
UPI 4/20/2014

Pretty Much Describes How I Hit On Girls
I Lyke 4/20/2014

Ohio Couple Married For 70 Years Dies Hours Apart
Reuters 4/20/2014

Happy Easter – Or Something Like That
LOL Zombie 4/20/2014

Statue Of Virgin Mary Falls During Easter Procession In Spain (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 4/20/2014

Hey, Kids, Remember You're On Our Side: The FBI Makes A Movie
NPR News 4/20/2014

$4,260 Burrito? Taco Restaurant Bills Go Awry
NBC News 4/20/2014

Car Fire In Lion Enclosure: Family's Terror
Sky News 4/20/2014

Winter Is Not A Wingman
I Lyke 4/20/2014

Pyro Board: This Is What Happens When Music Meets Fire In A 2D Rubens’ Tube (VIDEO)
Bored Panda 4/20/2014

Mayor's Menu Filled Up: 1 Day, 24 Restaurants
SFGate 4/20/2014

Miss America: Don't Suspend Teen Over Prom Invite
Huffington Post 4/20/2014

Woman Reunited With Dog, TV Snatched On 1st Date
AP 4/20/2014

'We Were Chained To Each Other'
Digg 4/20/2014

Yesterday's News

Rapper Debuts Album 23 Years Late
BBC 4/19/2014

Woman Says Beau Stole Her Dog, TV On 1st Date
SFGate 4/19/2014

Phoenix Woman Sold Stolen Beer, Offered Beer Run Tips
Clumsy Crooks 4/19/2014

Accused Hayward Bank Robber's T-Shirt": "I Have Issues"
Clumsy Crooks 4/19/2014

UPI Almanac For Saturday, April 19, 2014
UPI 4/19/2014

Competitive Eater Consumes 100 Marshmallow Peeps In Just Over Two Minutes, Decimating Previous Record
Laughing Squid 4/19/2014

Runaway Rhea Chris 'May Never Be Caught'
Sky News 4/19/2014

Paris In Motion, Part IV, A Beautiful Time-Lapse Stop-Motion Video Trip Around The City Of Light
Laughing Squid 4/19/2014

Slideshow: The Week In Sports – Week Of April 19, 2014
The Onion (Spoof) 4/19/2014

Throwing Easter Eggs Can Be Fun
LOL Zombie 4/19/2014

When NY Court Named For Ex-judge, Another Bristles
SFGate 4/19/2014

'War Horse Farm' Opens Up Museum
BBC 4/19/2014

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