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Action Movies Make You Eat More, New Study Suggests
Huffington Post 9/1/2014

Two-headed Snake Found In Turkey
BBC 9/1/2014

Police: Utah Suspect Swallows Stolen Ring
AP 9/1/2014

50 Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Up In Mexican Lake
NBC News 9/1/2014

Traveling Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Morning Views From His Tent
Bored Panda 9/1/2014

Mexican Woman Leandra Becerra Lumbreras Becomes World's Oldest Person
Huffington Post 9/1/2014

Cat With Laser Pointer On Head Chasing A Laser Dot (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/1/2014

Fifty Tons Of Dead Fish Wash Up In Mexican Lake
NBC News 9/1/2014

Man Cracks 150 Walnuts With His Head In One Minute, Setting A New Guinness World Record
Laughing Squid 9/1/2014

UPI Almanac For Monday, Sept. 1, 2014
UPI 9/1/2014

Thailandís White Temple Looks Like It Came Down From Heaven
Bored Panda 9/1/2014

This Girl Is Definitely NOT Afraid Of Spiders (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/1/2014

Man Nearly Dies In Ice Bucket Challenge After Plane Drops Water On Him
Digg 9/1/2014

Burglary Suspect High On Meth, Uses Toilet Water To Cool Down
Clumsy Crooks 9/1/2014

Antwerp's 'selfie Speeding Signs'
BBC 9/1/2014

Guantanamo Bay Is Falling Apart
Digg 9/1/2014

Beautiful Sculptural Cut Paper Art By Elsa Mora
Laughing Squid 9/1/2014

Yesterday's News

'Celebgate' Is Happening On 4Chan, Nude Photos Being Leaked En Masse
Digg 8/31/2014

FAU Student Steals Roommate's Girlfriend's Car, Lies To Police
Clumsy Crooks 8/31/2014

How To Turn A Watermelon Into An Edible BBQ Grill Centerpiece
Laughing Squid 8/31/2014

UPI Almanac For Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014
UPI 8/31/2014

Why Uber Must Be Stopped
Digg 8/31/2014

Stuffed Dog Pranks Real Dogs (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 8/31/2014

Fairbanks Spent $7k Defending Mayor's $37.50 Fine
SFGate 8/31/2014

The Internet Archive Has Added Millions Of Historic Images To Flickr
Laughing Squid 8/31/2014

Scammer Convicted Of Crashing Million Dollar Bugatti Into Marsh For Insurance Money
Clumsy Crooks 8/31/2014

The Same Until You Shuffle
NPR News 8/31/2014

Cat Vs. Deer Translated Version (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 8/31/2014

3 Hostages Actually Just Hallucinating On Meth: Cops
Huffington Post 8/31/2014

VIDEO: Family Haunted By This 10-ft 'Ghost'
Huffington Post 8/31/2014

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