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Dad Leaves Kids In Car To Drink, Gets Beat Up By Bar Patrons
Clumsy Crooks 8/22/2014

Lorne Again
Digg 8/22/2014

It's 'bone-appétit' For California Pooches Under New Law
Reuters 8/22/2014

7-Year-Old Turns In Mother For Cooking Meth
Clumsy Crooks 8/22/2014

I Ate Taco Bell's Entire New Dollar Menu In One Sitting, And Here's What I Learned
Digg 8/22/2014

You Can’t Marry A Man You Just Met. But, But, But
LOL Zombie 8/22/2014

Yesterday's News

‘Book Surgeon’ Uses Surgical Tools To Make Incredible Book Sculptures
Bored Panda 8/21/2014

Gallery: Makeup Artist Uses Her Chin As Canvas For Perfect Cartoon Renderings
UPI 8/21/2014

This Is What A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Dog Daycare Center Looks Like
Bored Panda 8/21/2014

Man Racing His Pet Parrot On A Motorcycle (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 8/21/2014

Libya 'floating Hotel For MPs'
BBC 8/21/2014

College Football Fan Mugshots Of The AP Top 25
Huffington Post 8/21/2014

Woman Pays Fine For Climbing Into Giraffe Pen
SFGate 8/21/2014

Stolen Shopping Scooter Ride Leads To Jail
Clumsy Crooks 8/21/2014

Alleged Intruder Arrested After Stripping, Leaving ID At Victims Home
Clumsy Crooks 8/21/2014

Cat Wants To Help His Human With Exercise Program (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 8/21/2014

Ex-judge Must Say She's Sorry, Just Not In Cuffs
AP 8/21/2014

‘Inedible’, Clever Photos Of Convincing Meals That Are Not Made Of Food
Laughing Squid 8/21/2014

Urinating In The Ocean Doesn't Hurt Marine Life
NBC News 8/21/2014

American Hero Tim Howard Is Taking A Year Off From The USMNT
Digg 8/21/2014

Eight Lives Left; Utah Cat Revived After Rescue From Inside Wall
Reuters 8/21/2014

Your Ultimate, Clickable Guide To 'The Simpsons' Mega-Marathon That Starts Today
Digg 8/21/2014

Interpol Building Raided Five Times
BBC 8/21/2014

They Said I Could Be Anything. I Became Sexy.
LOL Zombie 8/21/2014

Campus Tour Guide Reminds Students At Each Stop They Have To Get In First
The Onion (Spoof) 8/21/2014

Subject Of Yahoo! Trend Lands Interview With Yahoo! After Handing Out Resumes In Subway Station
UPI 8/21/2014

Giant Grouper Swallows Shark Whole
NBC News 8/21/2014

Night Out Thrown Off-Balance By Friend Unexpectedly Bringing Someone
The Onion (Spoof) 8/21/2014

Andrew Lohse Details Horrible Hazing Claims In 'Confessions Of An Ivy League Frat Boy'
Huffington Post 8/21/2014

Spiders Growing Bigger In Cities, Say Experts
Sky News 8/21/2014

Va. Man Named Stoner Arrested On Pot Charges
AP 8/21/2014

Cracked Screen Wallpaper For Mobile Devices By Doctor Popular
Laughing Squid 8/21/2014

Man In Mystery Selfie Comes Forward In LA County
SFGate 8/21/2014

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