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Bear Escapes Southern California Heat Wave By Chilling In The Pool
Huffington Post 9/16/2014

Goldfish Goes Under The Knife For Tumor Treatment
NBC News 9/16/2014

Congressional Travel Is Skyrocketing
Digg 9/16/2014

Baby Girl’s Funny Reaction To Dad Blowing Air In Her Face (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/16/2014

Bill Murray Turns Up At Birthday Party, Shows Off Sick Dance Moves
Huffington Post 9/16/2014

Kitten Flips Out (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/16/2014

On The Internet, People Write A Lot Of Things, But Only One Is True.
LOL Zombie 9/16/2014

Student Suspended After Dealing Banned Pepsi From Locker
Clumsy Crooks 9/16/2014

Texas Doctor Poisoned Lover's Coffee Over Obsession: Prosecutor
Reuters 9/16/2014

U2 IPhone 'Virus' Won't Let You Delete Terrible Songs From Shuffle Mode
Digg 9/16/2014

Yesterday's News

'Go Slow' Smartphone Walking Lane For Dawdlers
Sky News 9/15/2014

25 Of The Best Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes
Bored Panda 9/15/2014

Amusing Halloween Costume Or Child Abuse?
Clumsy Crooks 9/15/2014

5 Years Ago, Best Friend Fulfilled Soldier's Final Wish By Wearing Florescent Dress To His Funeral
Huffington Post 9/15/2014

Goldfish Has Brain Operation
BBC 9/15/2014

Retired Man 'flies Home-made Planes'
BBC 9/15/2014

Inside The World Of Longsword Fighting
Digg 9/15/2014

American Voices: Majority Of Americans Back Obama’s ISIS Plan But Doubt It Will Work
The Onion (Spoof) 9/15/2014

Boa Constrictor Captured After Escaping Idaho Cage
SFGate 9/15/2014

Good Catch! Fugitive Arrested At Frisbee Game
Sky News 9/15/2014

What Online Dating Profiles Would Look Like If People Were Completely Honest
Huffington Post 9/15/2014

The Plus Size
Digg 9/15/2014

Officials Beg Pastor, Strip Club Owner To End Feud
AP 9/15/2014

This Week's Amazing Pictures To Kick Start Your Monday
I Lyke 9/15/2014

Satanists Want To Distribute Materials In Florida Schools
UPI 9/15/2014

Building Demolition Scares Dog (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/15/2014

Chinese City Creates Cellphone Sidewalk Lane
SFGate 9/15/2014

Man Wanted For Robbery Arrested At Frisbee Tourney
AP 9/15/2014

Surge Soda Revived By Coca-Cola
UPI 9/15/2014

Daily Spin Class Only Thing Keeping Mom From Driving Car Full Of Kids Into Ocean
The Onion (Spoof) 9/15/2014

Illustrator Creates Doodles That Interact With Their Surroundings
Bored Panda 9/15/2014

Monster Truck Freestyle Stunts Gone Crazy (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/15/2014

Spot What Is Wrong With These Pictures
I Lyke 9/15/2014

News Chopper Pilot Helps Nab Carjacking Suspect
NBC News 9/15/2014

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