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Bobby Jindal’s Muslim Problem
Digg 1/26/2015

Rowlf The Muppet Rocks 'Just A Friend' In Biz Markie Mashup
Huffington Post 1/26/2015

Suspected Burglar Drives Through Ceiling, Lands Near Police
Clumsy Crooks 1/26/2015

India PM Dons Pinstripe 'name Suit'
BBC 1/26/2015

Drunken Driver Hits Squad Car During DWI Arrest
Clumsy Crooks 1/26/2015

Is There A Moral Way To Fix America's Kidney Shortage?
Digg 1/26/2015

Bin Laden, Robocop And... Tom: 10 Banned Names
Sky News 1/26/2015

Hoax Caller Impersonating Spy Chief Put Through To UK PM Cameron
Reuters 1/26/2015

Legal Marijuana Is The Fastest-Growing Industry In The U.S.: Report
Huffington Post 1/26/2015

Share The Most Creative Examples Of Wire Sculptures
Bored Panda 1/26/2015

Bioluminescent Plankton Glow In Bloom On The Shores Of Hong Kong
Bored Panda 1/26/2015

Yesterday's News

Yes, People Actually Bought These Gold-Plated Video Game Controllers
Huffington Post 1/25/2015

Naked Violinist Sues Over Arrest In Portland Last Year
SFGate 1/25/2015

Corrupt South Texas Politician Turns Out To Be Worst FBI Informant Ever
Clumsy Crooks 1/25/2015

'A Form Of Permanent Wage Theft': When The Soaring Price Of College Isn’t Worth It
Digg 1/25/2015

Rowlf The Dog Of The Muppets Sings “Just A Friend” By Biz Markie
Laughing Squid 1/25/2015

Facebook Stalking (My More Successful Friends), A Funny Song Illustrating The Truth About People’s Facebook Lives
Laughing Squid 1/25/2015

Taiwanese Cyclist Miraculously Survives Collision With A Car (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 1/25/2015

Suspected Burglar Falls Through Ceiling, Lands Near Police
SFGate 1/25/2015

Deeply Conservative Oklahoma Adjusts To Sudden Arrival Of Same-Sex Marriage
Digg 1/25/2015

Dog Gets 2nd Chance In Utah After Escaping Death In Indiana
AP 1/25/2015

Biden Co-Presents Best New Starlet Award With Shyla Stylez At 2015 AVN Adult Movie Awards Show
The Onion (Spoof) 1/25/2015

Zoo Offers Creepy Way For Lovelorn To Get Even With Exes
AP 1/25/2015

Message From A Lebanese Dog Applying For Adoption
Bored Panda 1/25/2015

Sarah Palin's Bizarre Iowa Speech Gets Thanks -- From The Democrats
Huffington Post 1/25/2015

Russian Artist Creates Surreal Photos To Illustrate Traditional Fairy Tales
Bored Panda 1/25/2015

Flashy Fugitive Detained In Cuba After Flaunting Riches
Clumsy Crooks 1/25/2015

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