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On U2
Digg 9/17/2014

Scientists' Colossal Squid Exam A Kraken Good Show
AP 9/17/2014

The IPhone 6 Reviews Are In
Digg 9/17/2014

Colossal Squid Tests Could Reveal 'Kraken' Clues
Sky News 9/17/2014

Yesterday's News

On The Internet, People Write A Lot Of Things, But Only One Is True.
LOL Zombie 9/16/2014

15 Amputees With A Brilliant Sense Of Humor
Bored Panda 9/16/2014

Teen Admits Rubbing Scrotum On Customer's Pizza
UPI 9/16/2014

Panty-pilfering Pooch Gets Thong Removed From Stomach
UPI 9/16/2014

Rabid Bat Attacks Guitar-playing Camper
NBC News 9/16/2014

In Face Of Adversity, Heroic NFL Fans Continue Watching Football
The Onion (Spoof) 9/16/2014

Daily Timelapse: Sharjah 2014 By Eric Hines
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/16/2014

Military Asks Museum For Spare Parts
BBC 9/16/2014

The Worlds Largest Tunnel-Boring Machine Must Be Saved
Digg 9/16/2014

Tardy Ex-minister Chased Off Plane
BBC 9/16/2014

The Unwritten Rules Of Bunting To Break Up A No-Hitter
Digg 9/16/2014

A Black Bear Plays With A Backyard Swing Set And A Deflated Toy
Laughing Squid 9/16/2014

Student Suspended After Dealing Banned Pepsi From Locker
Clumsy Crooks 9/16/2014

French Chefs Seek To Put Banned Songbird Back On Menu
Reuters 9/16/2014

American Man Trying To Swim To North Korea Reportedly Arrested By South Korean Marines
Huffington Post 9/16/2014

Teenager Rugby-Tackles Man Who Attacked Police
Sky News 9/16/2014

365 Postcards For Ants: Illustrator Creates One Mini Painting Per Day For A Year
Bored Panda 9/16/2014

Daily Picdump #1197
Daily Picks & Flicks 9/16/2014

100-Year-Old Bridge Imploded In Kentucky
NBC News 9/16/2014

‘Tampon Run’, A Video Game By Two Teen Girls About Menstruation
Laughing Squid 9/16/2014

Taylor Swift And Her Cat Are Officially Twinsies
Huffington Post 9/16/2014

Police: Drunk Prowler Stole Only Couple's Candy
SFGate 9/16/2014

American Voices: Urban Outfitters Apologizes For Red-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt
The Onion (Spoof) 9/16/2014

Factory Gives Fighter Jet To Head Of Russian Orthodox Church
Reuters 9/16/2014

Arrest In Robbery Of Autistic Man In Connecticut
SFGate 9/16/2014

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