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Stray Dogs Suddenly Show Up At Funeral Of Woman Who Spent Her Life Feeding Them
Bored Panda 3/31/2015

Alleged Drunk Driver Parked Passed Out On Highway
Clumsy Crooks 3/31/2015

GLaDOS And The Sniper: A Voice Acting Love Story
Digg 3/31/2015

With Fake Website, Con Man Emails His Way Out Of Prison
NBC News 3/31/2015

Ram-Raiders' Shopping Centre Smash On CCTV
Sky News 3/31/2015

Alabama Lawmaker Pushes Repeal Of Law Named After His Dead Patient
Reuters 3/31/2015

Nevada’s Caesar
Digg 3/31/2015

Taxi Driver Leads Police On Chase; Charged With DUI
Clumsy Crooks 3/31/2015

These Deviled Eggs Look A Little Evil
LOL Zombie 3/31/2015

Yesterday's News

Woman Arrested For Asking If She Could Carry Marijuana In Police Car
Clumsy Crooks 3/30/2015

Gonzo And The Muppets Do Digital Underground's 'Humpty Dance' In New Mashup Video
Huffington Post 3/30/2015

Medieval Eye Remedy 'kills MRSA'
BBC 3/30/2015

In All Likeliness, You've Been Flossing Incorrectly For Your Whole Life
Digg 3/30/2015

Air Force One Has Some Of The Most High Tech Features In The World. It's Unbelievable!
I Lyke 3/30/2015

New Hampshire Senator Resurrects Kids' Hawk Bill After Flap
AP 3/30/2015

Papa Dimitri's Classic Pizza A Front For Pot Business: Cops
Huffington Post 3/30/2015

15 People Taking Problem Solving To The Next Level
I Lyke 3/30/2015

Wild Rhino Kills Woman, Chases People In Nepal Street
UPI 3/30/2015

How To Remove A Wasp Infestation With A Shop Vac
Digg 3/30/2015

Astronaut's Video Shows Thunderstorms From Space
UPI 3/30/2015

14+ Of The Most Creative Pies That Are Too Cool To Eat
Bored Panda 3/30/2015

Polish Villagers Compete In Easter Tradition
NBC News 3/30/2015

After Uproar, Utah Restaurant Statue Loses Prominent Feature
SFGate 3/30/2015

Duo Arrested In Burglaries After Being Caught In Act By Homeowners
Clumsy Crooks 3/30/2015

Man Torn Between Boycotting Indiana, Visiting Evansville Zoo
The Onion (Spoof) 3/30/2015

Surplus Symbols: How Many State Bugs And Beans Do We Need?
SFGate 3/30/2015

Crete's Crocodile Found Dead After Cold Snap
Sky News 3/30/2015

Kid Shoots Screen With Airsoft Gun (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 3/30/2015

American Voices: NYC Tourists Incite Outrage By Taking ‘Selfies’ At East Village Blast Site
The Onion (Spoof) 3/30/2015

Officials: Pizza Shop Burglar Steals 100 Candy Bars, Cookies
AP 3/30/2015

Vibrant Life Of 1970s Harlem In Street Photos By Jack Garofalo
Bored Panda 3/30/2015

Porpoises Use 'sound Searchlights'
BBC 3/30/2015

Delightful Wooden Wire-Frame Sculptures Of Everyday Objects
Laughing Squid 3/30/2015

South Korean Gets Plastic Surgery Ahead Of Robbery Spree: Police
Reuters 3/30/2015

Static Cat Vs Balloons (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 3/30/2015

Film Director Portraits That Combine The Filmmaker’s Faces With Scenes From Their Films
Laughing Squid 3/30/2015

Mother-in-law's Tombstone Topples On Pennsylvania Man, Killing Him
Reuters 3/30/2015

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