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Crazy Cat Halloween Costumes
LOL Zombie 10/22/2014

Double "Wet-Willy" Lands Airman In Jail
Clumsy Crooks 10/22/2014

Mormon Church Reveals The Truth Behind 'Magical Underwear' In New Video
Huffington Post 10/22/2014

2 Women Steal Costumes From Halloween Shop
Clumsy Crooks 10/22/2014

People Think Their Opponents Are Hate-Filled, Unless You Pay Them Money
Digg 10/22/2014

Escape From Microsoft Word
Digg 10/22/2014

Dash Cam Fail Compilation (Video)
Daily Picks & Flicks 10/22/2014

Yesterday's News

The Worst Places To Seek Refuge During The Zombie Apocalypse
Huffington Post 10/21/2014

San Francisco Stations Banish 'Royals' Song Ahead Of World Series
Reuters 10/21/2014

Touchable Memories: This Company 3D-Prints Old Photos To Help The Blind Re-Experience Memories
Bored Panda 10/21/2014

Elusive Bobcat Again Escapes From New Jersey Home
AP 10/21/2014

‘Shooting Thoughts’, An Interactive Installation That Lets Participants Send Stars To A Church Ceiling
Laughing Squid 10/21/2014

New Mexico Man's Typo Costs Him Thousands On Bill
AP 10/21/2014

Daily Picdump #1222
Daily Picks & Flicks 10/21/2014

For Sale: Ghost Town, Ghost Included
NBC News 10/21/2014

Call About Handgun Use On Northway Leads To Pot Arrests
Clumsy Crooks 10/21/2014

Chechen Leader Demands Horse Apology
BBC 10/21/2014

‘Internet Trolls – The Halloween Musical’, A Beautifully Staged Musical Featuring Singing And Dancing Internet Trolls
Laughing Squid 10/21/2014

Nice Pants
I Lyke 10/21/2014

American Voices: Led Zeppelin Accused Of Plagiarizing ‘Stairway To Heaven’
The Onion (Spoof) 10/21/2014

'Zombie-proof' Cabin Being Sold Online
UPI 10/21/2014

Inside Hollywood's Shocking Blackface Problem
Digg 10/21/2014

Watch: Robber Bugs Clerk, Gets Sprayed With Raid
UPI 10/21/2014

Woman Arrested After Getting Stuck In Chimney
Sky News 10/21/2014

Women Saved From California Chimney, Then Arrested
Clumsy Crooks 10/21/2014

That Kitten Looks Fierce Though...
I Lyke 10/21/2014

Stinky Seaweed Piling Up At Upscale Laguna Beach
SFGate 10/21/2014

Singing Nun Releases 'Like A Virgin'
BBC 10/21/2014

Ben Bradlee, Legendary Washington Post Editor, Dies At 93
Digg 10/21/2014

Store Clerk Tells Bandit To Bug Off With Spray Can
SFGate 10/21/2014

Small Tails, Big Bail: $1.4M Bond For Man Arrested On Lobster Violations
NBC News 10/21/2014

Witchcraft Starter Kit
LOL Zombie 10/21/2014

Daily Timelapse: Cityscape Chicago II By Eric Hines
Daily Picks & Flicks 10/21/2014

How To Trap A Cat In 3 Easy Steps
Bored Panda 10/21/2014

Bud Selig Awoken From Cryosleep In Time For World Series
The Onion (Spoof) 10/21/2014

Older Boxer Knocks Out Young Guy In Sparring Session Caught On Video
Huffington Post 10/21/2014

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